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Terms and Conditions of Sales

DFW Furniture Warehouse warrants all merchandise, under normal usage and conditions, for a period of thirty (30) days after the date of purchase and pick-up and/or delivery. DFW Furniture Warehouse will repair any defect in workmanship for such thirty (30) day period. Customer must return merchandise to DFW Furniture warehouse or its authorized dealer for repair or replacement of parts.

DFW Furniture Warehouse will refund all purchases, provided that merchandise remains in saleable condition (mattresses must be returned unopened in their original packaging) when returned to DFW Furniture Warehouse, within 72 hours from the date of purchase and pick-up and/or delivery. Customer’s original receipt must accompany all returns of merchandise. All refunds for cash or check payments will be made by check from the general office of DFW Furniture Warehouse and will be sent to customer within ten (10) business days of refund transaction. Valid photo ID is required for all refunds: Drivers license; Sate issued non-drivers card; Passport or Military Photo ID.

DFW Furniture Warehouse assumes no responsibility for damages to product or the property of third parties, including the customer, due to the transpiration of products picked-up at DFW Furniture Warehouse or its’ authorized dealers by customer. This provision also applies to the loading of such product in customer’s vehicle or securing of such product in customers vehicle. Customer hereby indemnifies and holds harmless DFW Furniture Warehouse, its parent company, offices, associates and affiliates of DFW Furniture Warehouse or its authorized dealers from and against any and all claims by customer or third parties and shall pal all legal fees, damages, fines, and court cost due and litigation or claims for subrogation.

Customer has the duty to examine any and all products purchased and picked-up by customer from DFW Furniture Warehouse and to reject and defective product at such time. Once product leaves the control of DFW Furniture Warehouse the customer accepts all responsibility for transit damage. Undetected damage hidden by packaging must be reported in writing or by e-mail within twenty four (24) hours of the date of pick-up.

DFW Furniture Warehouse and Customer identified on this invoice hereby agree to the following terms and conditions. Customer agrees to purchase and DFW Furniture Warehouse agrees to sell at the agreed price the merchandise identified on this invoice for a period of ninety (90) days following the date of this agreement. Customer agrees to make an initial deposit and additional deposits every two weeks following the dates of this Agreement. Upon the timely payment in full of the purchase price identified on the invoice, title and possession of the merchandise will transfer to the Customer. Customer acknowledges and agrees that this Price Hold guarantees the price and availability of the product for such ninety (90) day period and that no individual piece of product is being held for the Customer.

Customer is obligated to provide a minimum of two (2) week prior notice to DFW Furniture Warehouse of Customers intent to make a final payoff and take possession of the merchandise. (This is to ensure that the merchandise is available at such time) At such time, all prior deposits will be applied to the purchase price and this transaction will be completed.

Customer can receive a refund of all Price Hold deposits during the first six (6) months following the date of this agreement/invoice (but prior to receiving the merchandise). After six (6) months from the date of this agreement/invoice DFW Furniture Warehouse charges a service fee equal to ten percent (10%) of the original invoice amount of the merchandise on all deposits that have exceeded the six (6) month period. Thus, after six (6) months a customer can receive a refund on all deposits, less the ten percent (10%) service fee. NOTICE: If no activity occurs on an account for a twelve (12) month period of time, than DFW Furniture Warehouse shall terminate the Price Hold and Customer shall forfeit all deposits made to DFW Furniture Warehouse as a service fee for all handling and correspondence associated with maintaining the account for such a period

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