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Natural Living

The Natural Living™ bedding line lets you be a healthy sleeper. These beds feel different from anything you’ve ever felt before, providing a healthy sleep system beneath you and a naturally healthy sleep space around you. Natural ingredients like organic cotton, bamboo knits, merino wool, and silk work with your body to regulate your sleep temperature and humidity throughout the night. Exclusive recipes of soy based comfort foams, memory foams, and latex will feel different than anything you’ve ever felt before, providing unique luxurious support from head to toe.

Features like our exclusive Air Flow™ base promote fresh and clean air circulation through the top, bottom, and sides of your bed for enhanced breathability and a cooler, more comfortable night’s rest. Finally, our exclusive Bamboo Waterfall knitted borders create a distinct design that will look beautiful in your naturally healthy sleep environment for years to come.


The bamboo yarn in our ticking is made from 100% natural bamboo pulp fiber. This exciting material is wholly biodegradable, and renewable due to the Bamboo plants extremely fast growth rate. Bamboo ticking is also naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and is non-allergenic. Bamboo plants thrive without the use of pesticides, and these natural defenses carry over into your bedding fibers promoting lasting resistance to pests, bacteria, and fungi. This makes it an excellent sleep surface for allergy sufferers.

It has excellent ventilation and moisture absorption qualities, so it stays cool, dry and fresh for the life of the mattress. In fact, our exclusive Bamboo ticking also has the highest drying rate of all bedding sleep surface materials, which keeps your skin dry during sleep. Dry skin means cooler sleep in the warmer months, and warmer skin in the cooler seasons. Bamboo fibers have high hygroscopicity, meaning they can absorb up to four times as much body moisture as cotton or other fabrics, allowing your body to naturally regulate and maintain an ideal sleeping temperature which is a clinically proven component of deeper restful sleep. Studies have also shown that Bamboo yarn produces negative ions, which are believed to have a positive effect on blood circulation. Improved circulation translates directly to fatigue relief, metabolism stimulation, and a deeper sense of well being.


Luxurious foam cushioning made with Soy and Castor polyols, BIO·LOGIC™ Hybrid Foam requires up to 60% less fossil fuel resources than the petroleum based equivalent, with close to 40% less production emissions. In fact, 2 pounds of CO2 are consumed by plants for every 1 pound of plant-based polyol produced. BIO·LOGIC™ Hybrid foams are made with American grown renewable crops, helping to improve the economies of rural American communities. Moreover, the advancements in the engineering of these foams meets and exceeds comparable innerspring properties allowing elevated levels of comfort and support in their bed.

BIO·LOGIC foams are totally unique and feel luxurious, engineered on a cellular level, to provide lasting comfort and support in the comfort levels and base cores of the mattress. Their open cell structure allows air to easily pass through and breath. In addition, a unique combination of foam density (PFC), foam comfort (ILD), and foam production (cellular structure) produces a high quality, instantly supportive and lively sleep system that is Eco-friendly for double the piece of mind.


All steel spring coils are not created equal. Intelligent DYNACOIL™ springs are engineered on a molecular level of the steel to sense your weight along the full length of your body, and provide durable adaptive support across the full range of your sleep surface from head to toe.

In the same way that your DNA determines what color your eyes and hair will be, DYNACOILS™ are programmed on a microscopic level throughout the steel grains of each turn of each coil to feel and sense your weight, instantly react, and support you differently along your shoulders, torso, lumbar region, hips, and legs. The ability to program each coil at the level of the steel’s molecules produces a unique supportive feel that instantly responds and perfectly supports. Built to be as strong as they are intelligent, DYNACOILS™ use more industry leading 13 gauge diameter wire, to insure your bed continues to support you year after restful year.


Taking DYNACOILS™ to the next level of support, each intelligent spring is individually jacketed in a silent, non-woven sleeve, allowing it to move completely independently and unaffected by the hundreds of surrounding coils. This allows each spring to have unsurpassed motion separation, as each coil works independently to reduce motion across the entire sleeping surface. Independent SOLOCOILS™ provide support along the entire length of the body, working to maintain a more natural spinal alignment throughout the night regardless of back, stomach, or sleeping position. SOLOCOIL™ cores are especially recommended for couples, as they provide custom individual support as well as isolate potentially disturbing partner movements throughout the night.


It’s like the dimpling you find on a golf ball. By convoluting Hybrid Foam layers, we enhance their comfort by providing more surface area in the dimpled hills and valleys of the foam. The advanced rolling peaks of this surface add a premium softness to the foam layer, enhancing the overall feel of the mattress’ comfort layers. Convoluting the foam with this three dimensional surface also increases air flow in the layers around your body profile, improving the breathe-ability of your mattress and overall sleep space.


In 1962, NASA Scientists independently developed what we know today as Memory Foam for the Apollo space command module program. Originally developed in Asheville, North Carolina, memory foam is unique in that the pressure relieving material becomes softer in warmer areas and remains firmer in cooler areas, where less body contact is being made. It responds only to body heat, and retains its form at normal room temperature. It is composed of billions of visco (fluid like) -elastic ball shaped, open cells. The cells respond to body temperature and weight then shift and reorganize their position to mold to the exact contours of the sleeper’s body. Memory foam has an amazing ability to conform to the body regardless of size or weight.

Eco-Friendly BIO·LOGIC™ hybrid memory foams use natural polyols from soy and castor plants requiring up to 60% less fossil fuel resources than the petroleum based equivalent, with close to 40% less production emissions.


Latex is a milky white liquid composed of rubber particles dispersed in water. This material is whipped with air to form a foam, which is heated to produce foam rubber, or latex. Natural latex comes from the rubber tree which is found in warm-climate tropical countries. Latex is inherently hypo-allergenic, biodegradable, anti-microbial and dust-mite resistant. In fact, it’s 300% more resistant to dust mites than any other foam, making it the ideal choice for allergy sufferers. Because of its unique open cell structure, it breathes to remove body moisture, it keeps you warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer. Layers of Talalay latex provides excellent air circulation. Natural latex is strong and it's elastic properties ensure sag free, firm support for years and years of happy, restful sleep. In addition, latex doesn’t bounce like an innerspring mattress, so when your partner rolls over, your sleep isn’t disturbed.

Latex is unique in that it has less of a tendency to push back, and more of a tendency to support all of the unique contours of the sleepers body. Its buoyancy allows the sleeper’s muscles, joints, and spine to react naturally.

Latex is produced using the Dunlop or Talalay methods. Utilized since 1929, the Dunlop method is the traditional manufacturing process that entails whipping the white latex secretion in a centrifuge, which is then poured into a mold, covered and baked. Dunlop layers are a bit firmer on the bottom side where natural sediments have settled. Using the Talalay method, latex is poured into a mold, sealed, continues in a vacuum and then flash frozen to stabilize the material. In either process, the final latex core is thoroughly washed several times, removing any small contact allergy particulates.


COMFOR LATEX™ is created from mixing natural rubber tree based latex, with Styrene Butadiene Rubber, or synthetic latex. While many people prefer the organic qualities of natural latex, COMFOR LATEX™ also has appealing qualities as well. The fusion of these two monomers make a very strong product - an important quality in mattress and pillow cores. COMFOR LATEX™ has the same physical properties of natural latex when it comes to support, firmness and quality, but it does excel in one two areas: consistency and life. The chemicals added during the manufacturing process allow for better dispersion. If you’ve ever made a cake or mixed pancake batter—you’ve experienced good and better dispersion. Good dispersion means a smooth, fluid mix with some lumps that seem all but impossible to break up in the bowl. Better dispersion means a bowl of smooth, lump free silky batter.

Better dispersion means more consistent structure throughout each individual piece of latex foam. This gives manufacturers more control over the luxurious feel and the durable density of the foam. This blending process also causes a strong cell structure within the foam giving it increased durability and longer life, without sacrificing comfort COMFOR LATEX™ has the same long-lasting life of natural latex, offering sleepers decades of comfortable and sound sleep without the worry of having to replace their products.

Finally, while natural latex has many qualities that make it virtually 100% non-allergenic, it is only synthetic latex that can offer the guarantee that the it will not cause allergic reactions. COMFOR LATEX™ also incorporates natural oils from soy and castor plants, reducing petroleum derivatives and carbon emissions—making it an Eco-friendly alternative to petroleum based synthetic latex.


By convoluting the latex surface, we enhance their comfort by providing more surface area in the dimpled hills and valleys of the foam. This advanced rolling peaks of this surface add a premium softness to the foam layer, enhancing the overall feel of the mattress’ comfort layers. Convoluting the foam with this three dimensional surface also increases air flow in the layers around your body profile, improving the breatheability of your mattress and overall sleep space.


In the same way that a picture frame surrounds a photo or painting, foam encasement framing surroundings the internal core of a bed providing a comfort transition from the core to the edge of the sleep surface. Traditional mattresses had thick rings of wire around the edges of the innerspring. These wires bit into the backs of legs in a sitting position, and were prone to bending and sagging.

Sleep Frame Foam Encasement surrounds the mattress core—whether that core is latex, hybrid foam, or a traditional innerspring, and transitions the sleep surface directly to the outer edges of the bed. The higher density foam allows comfortable side sitting around all four edges of the bed at bedtime and in the mornings, as well as a soft comfortable sleeping surface throughout the entire night. Higher density and comfort rated foams prevent the type of permanent sagging that can occur in a bed with no foam encasement, or with wire edges around the rims. All told, this best of both worlds solution increases the sleeper’s usable sleeping surface about 25%, with no detectable changes in comfort from edge, to edge, to edge, to edge.


The wood used to construct our foundations, comes from sustainable sources in Canadian provinces of North America. Canada has over 993 million acres of managed forest land and other wood land. The spruce pine fir in particular is a fast growing regenerative species of harvestable lumber that works extremely well in a managed forestry program. Canada’s stringent forest laws and regulations, combined with the largest area of voluntary, third party sustainable forest management certification on earth, assure that our wood comes from well managed forests.

About Caroline Mattress Guild

Founded in 1991 with only five employees and 5,000 square feet, Neal and Kathy Grigg launched Carolina Mattress Guild a stone's throw from the heart of America's furniture capital - Thomasville, NC.

Driven by Neal's Leggett & Platt executive experience and Kathy's distinct bedding designs, the company rapidly grew in size and popularity with both consumers and retailers. Never standing still, the once small family of bedding artisans moved into their newly constructed 68,000 sq. foot building, insuring their position as a dominant bedding manufacturer in December of 2000.

Tragically, just 5 weeks later, the company stood in shock outside watching a fire consume the 30 foot ceilings of their new state of the art home.

More resolved than ever, the company regrouped, retooled, and rebuilt literally from the ashes up. They surprised everyone with their presence and products at the very next High Point furniture market in April.

In 2003, having never forgotten that horrific day, the Griggs drew from the tragedy to become the first bedding manufacturer to supply fire retardant mattresses in its historical Fire Shield™ line. Months later, industry juggernauts began following in CMG's footsteps, producing safer self extinguishing bedding to the applause of families, fire fighters, and fire safety experts across the country.

Carolina Mattress Guild continued to grow and innovate, developing a comprehensive line of bedding and bedding accessories including pillows, pillowcases, innerspring, foam, memory foam, and latex core beds. In 2009, it's popular and eco-friendly Nature's Image and Natural Living lines were launched, providing beds with healthy natural ingredients including natural bamboo, organic cotton, wool, silk, hybrid soy foams, and natural rubber latex.

CMG opened its second facility in Orlando, Florida in January of 2009, allowing them to more efficiently service retailers of all sizes up and down the east coast with handcrafted Thomasville artisan bedding, dense in features and rich in value.

This family owned and forward driving company continues to innovate and grow to this day, creating new trends in comfort, sleep support, and overall value for retailers and consumers alike. Their commitment to the historically rich and universally recognized standards of Thomasville furniture quality is most clearly exemplified in their company name…Carolina Mattress GUILD. Before the days of high speed automation and mass production, guilds were formed by local artisans to protect and maintain the standards of quality for their craft.

Carolina Mattress Guild associates like to say that each bed is masterfully produced, not mass produced, and it shows in their growth and success, year after year.