What is the difference between a Queen and a King Mattress?

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Video review of the  difference between a Queen and a King Mattress?

Hi i’m Andrew and I’ve set up a visual demonstration of the difference between a queen and a king size mattress – just in case you are thinking of upgrading. The queen size mattress are both 80 inches so they’re the same length but, there is almost a foot and a half more width in the king size mattress. A King Mattress will give you a lot more room to stretch out and enhance your sleeping area.  If you look to the bottom you’ll notice that the foundation of a king size mattress is always split in the middle. Your bed frame is going to need a center leg to support this.  If you’ve got slats in the bed, you are also going to need a center support in the slats to give the king size bed the proper amount of support. You may notice the box spring is about 9 inches tall, that’s the traditional height for a box spring, but if you’ve got a really thick mattress or you’ve got a tall bed and you want to reduce that height with a low profile foundation. A low profile foundation is only 5” think. On a queen size mattress the box is going to be one single box all the way across. If you have a staircase that you’re trying to get up and you have a hard time getting that solid box around the corner you may want to consider a split queen foundation. I hope this answers some of your questions about the differences between a queen and a king size mattress.

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