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You Can’t Put a Price on a Good Night’s Rest

Many consumers are willing to spend a great deal of money on that dream bedroom set, but are only willing to buy the cheap end of the mattress sets to go with it. There are many reasons for this, but the biggest reason is that furniture and mattress customers never stop to think about the importance of a mattress.

For most consumers, a mattress is the only piece of furniture in the entire home with a direct influence in their health and physical happiness. A good mattress can help you get better sleep and have healthier back and joints. A bad mattress can make you tired, grumpy, and even take away from your performance at work.

Choose a mattress that feels good, that you know you will look forward to sleeping on, and that will be good for your back and joints. You will have to spend some money, but in the case of mattresses it is money well spent. Certainly, your mattress will do you more good than the mahogany bedroom set with the brushed nickel hardware, right?

If you have to have that bedroom set, though, think about skipping the armoire or one of the night stands and putting a little extra toward a nicer mattress. Or maybe go for the mattress you love and a king bed frame rather than that top dollar sleigh bed and cheap mattress.

Either way, the point is while I encourage you to buy a bedroom set you love: I also encourage you to find a mattress that you will love. Find a way to make it happen and you will be glad you did. Remember, your mattress is that one piece you can pick up at a furniture store that will influence your health, your happiness, and even your job performance. Isn’t it worth a few hundred extra dollars?

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Pittsburgh Furniture Stores

Pittsburgh furniture storesThe landscape of Furniture Stores in Pittsburgh. is changing.

ONE WEEK after the article below appeared in the Pittsburgh Business Time.

DFW Furniture expanding in the Pitsburgh area…After a successful foray into the Washington PA area,  Columbus-based DFWFurniture is expanding further into the market with the opening of two more stores in Wexford PA and Pleasant Hills PA with plans to open three to six more Furniture Stores in the Pittsburgh area. Charles Kidder, president and CEO of the 12-store furniture retailer, said the expansion into the Pittsburgh area is part of a larger plan to establish the retailer as a regional player, building upon established growth in eastern Ohio and West Virginia…………”

The Pittsburgh community was shocked to learn that the 13 store furniture chain Roomful Express was GOING OUT OF BUSINESS. The Roomful chain is closing its all of its furniture stores in Ohio and PA.

According to WPXI …Customers with pending orders or layaways from Roomful are advised to contact the store immediately.  Some Roomful consumers have been told that their original lay aways are no longer available and have been given the opportunity to reselect from existing floor model inventory of accept refunds that are a fraction of their original deposits.

The employees and management of DFW express their sympathies to the many hard working employees that are losing their jobs this holiday season.  We hope that as DFW Furniture grows in the Pittsburgh area we can find a home for many of the hard working store associates that have built a “personal relationship” to the local community over the last decade.

DFWFurniture has been able to grow aggressively during the recent economic downturn by working with landlords to lease or buy buildings that have been sitting vacant. This is form of economic stimulus is good for the community. It puts under-utilized real estate back to work and bolsters the tax base without any governmental subsidies.

DFWFurniture keeps their overhead low by eliminating expensive furniture distribution centers and only buying from furniture manufactures that can ship directly to each retail store in 10-21 days. Many of the more popular furniture styles and mattresses are keep in stock for immediate delivery while a more expansive assortment can be order and shipped in a reasonable amount of time.

Please visit our website for more information. DFWfurniture.com

Current Roomful customers should contact the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection if they are unable to get satisfaction on existing claims.

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